Mortgage Rates

Why we don’t we have rates posted like every other mortgage company?

Vancouver Mortgage Rates

Many mortgage brokers have a chart or table of the day’s lowest rates. We don’t think that’s the optimum way to go, it could be misleading for a number of reasons, and that’s if they are even kept up to date! Not all rates apply to everyone. And possibly hard to believe, but importantly, the lowest rate isn’t necessarily the best option for you. Sometimes these rates have conditions that will not allow you the same flexibility as the right mortgage. As well, nowadays rates fluctuate and are modified based on various decisions, including: being insured (with a less than 20% down payment) or uninsured (with higher than a 20% down payment), the overall percentage of the down payment, a variable rate or fixed rate, and one’s credit score.

The soundest way to know your actual rate would be a quick discussion with a professional in the industry.  Call or email me today.

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